What I love about the Capezio Freeform FF01

by Admin4. January 2013 13:02

By Claire Tyler


Looking for a new pair of ballet, jazz, modern or contemporary dance shoes? Claire Tyler, freelance Dance teacher specialising in GCSE & A Level Dance, Ballet with IDTA & RAD syllabus, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Creative Dance, tells us about her newest purchase: the Freeform FF01. Read her feedback below and don’t forget to share yours!

Capezio Freeform shoe FF01

What I love about the Capezio Freeform FF01:


It’s lightweight

A ballet shoe should be lightweight and enhance the natural arch in my opinion, and that is exactly what the Freeform shoe accomplishes. The mesh and leather combination allows extra comfort during movement with the thin soft sole almost undetectable whilst dancing.

Capezio Freeform shoes


It’s durable

Although at first I was concerned about the durability of the mesh, it is unexpectedly resilient. The mesh forms a very thin coverage, similar to that of tights that accentuate your natural arch.


It’s versatile

The shoes are appropriate for ballet, lyrical, jazz, contemporary and yoga making them multipurpose for all those freelancers out there. They are resilient on various floors, gripping when you need it most; sprung floor, wooden floors, Harlequin Dance floors and on yoga mats.


My advice for the sizing:

The shoes came up slightly smaller than my normal canvas ballet shoes but the leather/mesh design allows for some give.

All in all, I will be making an order for some in each colour; black, pink and caramel sorting out my dance footwear for the foreseeable future!

What about you, have you ever tried the Freeform? What did you think?



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About Claire

 The accomplishment you’re the most proud of?

 Dancing in the Olympic Closing Ceremony with Darcy Bussell

 Your favourite dancer?

 Carlos Acosta

 The best piece of advice you ever got?

 You can fall over in the Dance Studio, you can’t fall over on stage.

Claire Tyler, Dance Teacher reviews the Capezio Freeform shoe

 Claire Tyler was trained by Lorraine Day from the age of 3yrs old, progressing through exams, competitions, pantomimes and the Urdang Associates. She then progressed onto The Royal Academy of Dance gaining BA(hons) in Ballet Education with Registered Teachers Status recognised by the RAD, then continued her studies for an extra year to complete the PGCE: Dance Studies. Claire is currently studying towards her Certificate in Benesh Dance Notation in order for her to read and replicate Dance repertoire with more ease.

 Claire teaches GCSE and A Level Dance, RAD and IDTA syllabus and RAD:CBTS distance learning mentoring across private and public settings, reaching out to the community with projects with Hampshire Dance and other school based projects. Focusing most of her time at Wellington College and Redroofs Theatre School, this allows for a huge range of teaching across a broad spectrum of abilities in comparison to the community based projects.

 The Claire Tyler Dance freelance capacity focuses in making Dance qualifications accessible to as many students as possible.


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