What's in your dance bag? Meet Amie Brotherton

by Admin12. November 2012 12:34

Have you ever wondered what’s in a dance teacher’s bag? Amie Brotherton, Royal Academy of Dance ballet teacher and London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony performer shares with us the content of her bag. 

Amie Brotherton, Ballet teacher  wears Capezio

So Amie, tell us about your dance bag.

My dance bag is often a big expanse of space filled with various bits of wonderful fabric, shoes, ribbons, snacks, CD’s, hair pins and goodness knows what else. In fact, I really ought to clear it out more regularly – I’m sure there’s a Kit Kat in the bottom that went off in 2005!

Amie Brotherton, Royal Academy of Dance Ballet teacher wears Capezio leotards

1.    Leotards

I never rely on having one leotard with me: you never know what disasters can happen. My halter-neck leotard once pinged undone while I was teaching primaries! Since then, I tend to always have one or two camisole leotards. I like the Capezio Classics V neck camisole leotard (CC102). I have it in navy and black. They’re great for  going under teaching wear or for practice. I also love this Meryl camisole dress (MC150); perfect when you’re dancing and want something thats a bit more special than a leotard.

Amie Brotherton: What's In my dance bag with Capezio

1.    Warm up essentials

Now the weather’s getting chillier, it’s important to have something to cover my arms with and especially if I’m teaching as I’m not moving around as much as when I’m in class. This Harmonie shrug (CS302) is perfect: it’s warm and comfortable but it also looks very stylish. And of course, no dance bag would be complete without a pair of Capezio transition tights (1816) in classic pointe pink.

Amie Brotherton wears Capezio

3.    Shoes

My ballet shoes are rather battered – they’re worn constantly, and sometimes I am dancing so much at home that they act really as a second pair of slippers (oops!). The Capezio drawstring shoes (205) are very comfortable – and come with the elastic already stitched on so it saves you having to get out your sewing kit when you’re very busy! I also keep a foot roller (BH500) in my bag for long days of teaching when a quick foot massage can definitely help!

Amie Brotherton, Royal Academy of Dance Teacher wears Capezio.

4.    Snacks

It’s important to keep hydrated and your blood sugars level high when dancing a lot, so I always keep water in my bag with some healthy snacks – whether that’s fruits, or nuts, cereal bars or rice cakes.

5.    Music

And finally – a teachers, dancers and choreographers life saver: a small iPod and headphones! Usually attached to my leotard so I can dance and choreograph anywhere!


About Amie

Most played song on your iPod?

Adele, Skyfall

Favourite dancer?

Darcey Bussell

The best piece of advice you ever got?

Never give up! Always keep going, and focus.

Amie Brotherton x Capezio

 I am a Royal Academy of Dance ballet teacher and I have worked with English Youth Ballet & London Children's ballet, currently I'm a a teacher at Diana Miller school of Dance in Northampton. In the Summer I  danced with Dizzee Rascal at the Olympics Opening Ceremony! I'm also currently a dancer for new company Launch Dance Company.